Personal Injury Lawyer in Easton, PA

Never proceed with an insurance company to settle your claim or go into court without the experienced counsel of Ron Creazzo, Esq. an Easton, PA personal injury attorney. While Ron Creazzo, Esq. will work hard to settle your claim, it may be necessary to present your case before a court of law to protect your rights. Ron Creazzo, Esq. offers the personalized attention your case needs. His office works hard to sort through the insurance coverage your case has from the party who injured you and also that which you have with your own insurance carrier for medical bills and to determine if you have uninsured or underinsured coverage on your policy. Never settle a claim before having it reviewed by the right attorney, Ron Creazzo, Esq.

My office will recover all remedies you are entitled to including but not limited:

  • Collect money for pain and suffering
  • Recover lost wages
  • Receive compensation for future lost wages
  • Pay medical bills

If you need an experienced personal injury attorney, hire the services of Ron Creazzo, Esq., an Easton, PA lawyer whose office is ready to go to work for you. The practice of Ron Creazzo, Esq. offers flexible appointment hours which are helpful to personal injury clients who already have many doctor and physical therapy visits weekly to plan around.

Call Ron Creazzo, Esq. today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the representation he will provide for you in a personal injury case. (Free consultations provided for workers’ compensation claims and personal injury cases only)